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ARCHIZINES LIVE: Panel Discussion Friday

Issue 004 Covers_InvertLittle Architectures: Publishing, Prose, and Practice

A panel discussion brought to you by One:Twelve

Friday, February 1st at 5:30 PM on the KSA Big Stairs

ARCHIZINES is a roaming reminder of the proliferation of alternative and independent publishing in the fields of architecture. One:Twelve asks: what caused this surge? As one of the gang, we like to think we have good reasons for creating each issue of our magazine. And we can guess that our peer publications would express similar feelings. We believe that the act of publishing offers opportunities to designers that they would not otherwise have. We’ve noticed a series of congruencies between the practice of publication and that of architecture, and we think that a discussion of them will tease out some of the answers we seek. In light of that, we’ve called the discussion: “Little Architectures: Publishing, Prose, and Practice.” We’ve assembled a list of terms that bridges/blurs the line between publication and architecture:










The discussion will begin with 10 minute presentations by One:Twelve and Fresh Meat on the topics of Collaboration and Authorship, respectively. They will explore the topics in light of each magazine’s experience, and hopefully initiate a lively discourse among the panel that engages the remaining topics. On the next day, One:Twelve and Fresh Meat will collaborate on the production of a “mini-publication” that will engage the same topics and record some of the insights achieved on the previous night.

Introductory Presentations: “On Collaboration” Matt Johnson & Tori Mckenna (One:Twelve); “On Authorship” Julia Di Castri & Chelsea Ross (Fresh Meat)
Panel Discussion: Elias Redstone (Archizines); Brandon Clifford (MIT, Matter Design); Brandon Biederman (Fresh Meat); Eric Hoffman (Fresh Meat); Wes Hiatt (One:Twelve); Tyler Kvochick (One:Twelve); Ian Mackay (One:Twelve)
 Event Coordination: Steph Conlan (One:Twelve); Emily Mohr (One:Twelve); Phil Arnold (KSA)

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