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A little over a week ago, One:Twelve hosted an ARCHIZINES LIVE event in honor of the opening of the ARCHIZINES exhibition at the KSA’s Banvard Gallery. We invited a few guests to engage with us in a panel discussion on the content of Archizines: a surge of independent publications in architecture and related disciplines. We think the panel discussion was a great success, and we’d like to thank our guests for making it so.

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One:Twelve opened the event with a talk on collaboration, a dynamic fundamental to its mission. Fresh Meat responded with a presentation on authorship that gave the audience a window into the journal’s intellectual situation. Brandon Clifford (MIT & Matter Design) and Elias Redstone (Archizines & T Magazine) provoked a conversation that focused on student publications and what makes them tick. They questioned the editors of Fresh Meat and One:Twelve: Why produce an artifact in the age of the internet? Does it matter how slowly or quickly you make it? And what is your role as editors? The answers that emerged revealed commonalities and differences between the methods (and madness) of each magazine. They also prompted the production of a mini-zine on the following afternoon–a collaborative project between the editors of Fresh Meat and One:Twelve, also known as:Fresh12

If you are interested in the zine, you won’t find it on the web. You’ll have to track one of us down and ask for a copy. You might be thinking: “That’s a whole lot of trouble for one lousy little zine.” Maybe so–but it might be worth it. We had a good time making the thing and you’ll likely have a good time holding it in your hands. It’s like Tammi told Marvin: “Ain’t nothin’ like the real thing, baby!”

Thanks again to all who came out. For Fresh Meat‘s side of the story, read a post on its website here.

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